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GenHydro Forms Strategic Partnership with EREN Groupe to Improve Supply and Reduce Cost of Green Hydrogen in France and Germany

(Lancaster, PA) – GenHydro, a US-based technology, green hydrogen and renewable energy production company, has entered into a strategic partnership with EREN Groupe, a privately owned company focusing on technological innovation to save natural resources and fight global warming, to roll out new green hydrogen production systems and renewable energy technology throughout France and Germany and beyond.


By leveraging GenHydro's novel technology that efficiently converts waste aluminum into high-value, renewable products, along with EREN Groupe's project management and implementation ability, the partners will set out to significantly increase green hydrogen production supply while simultaneously reducing costs to further scale the green hydrogen economy and bring diverse renewable energy products to France and Germany.

To maximize impact, the partnership will focus on both commercial and consumer facing sectors including industrial chemicals like ammonia for agriculture and e-fuels for mobility. GenHydro will oversee the day-to-day operations alongside the support of EREN Groupe who brings a network and track record of successfully implementing new technology, and project execution ability. 

"GenHydro is looking forward to partnering and working with EREN Groupe and their affiliates as we begin to deploy our technology globally in 2024 and beyond," said Eric Schraud, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GenHydro. "EREN Groupe is an innovative global leader in renewable energy, and GenHydro can leverage this expertise to assist in our mission to significantly decarbonize the energy usage of various industries and make a real impact in climate change and global warming." 

"We are proud to partner and invest in GenHydro, as its technology will enable a deeper supply and cheaper cost of green hydrogen, which represents one of our areas of focus when fighting global warming," said Jacques Ripoll, Managing Partner of EREN Groupe.

In addition to this partnership that focuses on France and Germany in particular, EREN Groupe has also invested in GenHydro to further accelerate the deployment of their technology globally by 2024. GenHydro, currently with a Series A funding round open alongside a number of other fortune 500 company projects in their pipeline, will use the funds to expand their workforce and scale their technology while actively seeking out other likeminded organizations to decarbonize their operations and help achieve emissions reduction and energy efficiency goals. 



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