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GenHydro and RPG Energy Group Partner to Deploy Transformative On-Site Commercial Scale Renewable Energy Power Plants

(Lancaster, PA) –GenHydro, a US-based clean technology, green hydrogen and renewable energy production company, has formed a strategic partnership with RPG Energy Group, a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy integrator. Together, they will deploy on-site commercial scale renewable energy power plants that will offer zero emissions, reliable, on-demand energy independence and distributed hydrogen production, helping accelerate decarbonization goals for multiple industries worldwide.


By leveraging GenHydro’s novel technology that efficiently converts waste aluminum into high-value, renewable products using steam, along with RPG’s turn-key solutions and tenured background in the renewables and construction industry, the partnership allows for the accelerated development of the most advanced renewable energy and hydrogen production system of its kind to be deployed at a commercial scale 

Through our partnership with the talented team at RPG Energy Group, we are now well-positioned to deploy our on-site commercial systems globally and ahead of schedule, said Eric Schraud, Founder and President of GenHydro. “The GenHydro reactor system can provide emissions free hydrogen, as well as electrical and thermal energy, allowing a single, on-site system to meet a wide variety of clean energy needs. By strategically aligning with RPG, our mission to kickstart the renewable energy revolution is well within reach.” 

GH-1 Commerical Pilot System

GenHydro GH-1 Commerical Scale Pilot System

As manufacturers worldwide continue to look for solutions to decarbonize their operations, the GenHydro reactor system offers a novel solution. 

“When you bring together two incredible teams like RPG and GenHydro, the output and value proposition to the environment and to the marketplace is completely unparalleled. Together, we’re going to reimagine utility needs, we’re going to dramatically reduce energy prices and reimagine a world with no power interruptions or environmental catastrophes caused by conventional energy generation and delivery. The future of energy is here,” said Jami Krynski, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of RPG Energy Group. 

Due to the ability to deliver thermal and electrical energy on-site, the GenHydro system also makes distributed electricity generation at industrial scales more possible than ever, removing traditional hurdles to clean energy and providing a viable solution for hard to abate industries like manufacturing, aviation and freight shipping.  



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