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GenHydro Breaks Ground on First of Its Kind Green Hydrogen and Clean Energy Pilot Project at BURLE Business Park

(Lancaster, PA) –GenHydro, a local waste-to-energy technology company specializing in green hydrogen and clean energy production, broke ground on a pilot project on Wednesday, December 6th at BURLE Business Park in Lancaster, PA.


GenHydro was joined by project partners from BURLE Business Park and McClure Company along with several stakeholders, local elected official representatives, strategic partners, and customers, all sharing excitement in the promise and potential of the new technology. 

The pilot project will demonstrate GenHydro's waste-to-energy technology on a commercial scale by providing a stream of green hydrogen and renewable electricity to BURLE Business Park, a multipurpose business and industrial facility. 

"GenHydro is incredibly fortunate to have Burle as a partner. Their support has been instrumental in our growth and deployment of this technology," said Eric Schraud, GenHydro's Founder and Chief Executive Officer. 


Pilot Building with logoRendering of the GenHydro Pilot Project at BURLE Business Park in Lancaster, PA


The GenHydro reactor uses waste metal to create clean, renewable energy and green hydrogen in a way that is extremely efficient and economical.  

“To use things that already exist and otherwise would have filled landfills, it’s just such a win,” said Althea Ramsay Carrigan, Senior Vice President of BURLE Business Park.  

At the event, GenHydro also announced a new partnership with Evergreen Alumina that will further strengthen the impact of their waste-to-value business model. Evergreen Alumina, an innovator in the sustainable space, is dedicated to keeping recyclables from ending up in landfills. They will be supplying GenHydro with recycled aluminum to power the GenHydro reactors and will be procuring one of the reactor’s commodities, alumina, to be further upcycled and sold to their vast network of clients.   

Green Fig Power Solutions was also announced as a new project partner of GenHydro. The business leader in real estate will leverage GenHydro’s technology to provide clean, green power from locations in Berks or Lancaster County, to their different sites slated for construction, helping the facilities significantly offset their carbon footprint through an off-the-grid supply of sustainable energy. These will include recycling businesses, EV charging stations, microgrid projects with solar fields and possible transportation fueling centers. 

“Today marks a significant milestone for GenHydro and the advancement of renewable energy. We have taken another large step forward, driving progress towards a more sustainable and economically viable future,” said Schraud.  


For more information about GenHydro, please visit


About GenHydro:  

GENHYDRO is a clean technology and green technology company committed to accelerating the global transition to emissions-free energy. GenHydro is a designer, builder, owner and operator of novel ‘On-Site Clean Energy Plants’, leveraging proprietary, proven technologies for circular economic, zero-carbon energy solutions. Through novel technology, GenHydro produces low-cost emissions-free green hydrogen, enabling a multiple-industry transition to clean energy and production. GenHydro’s technology provides a method for existing industries to keep doing what they do best, while also moving towards a no-waste economy. For more information including investor opportunities, please visit and follow on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.  

About BURLE Business Park: 

BURLE Business Park in Lancaster, PA is an active and well populated multipurpose business and industrial facility. Companies of all types are engaged in operations ranging from professional office and education to manufacturing, production, distribution and technology. Over 40 companies now occupy the facility which has experienced adaptive reuse and retrofit of over 1,000,000.00 square feet. For more information, please visit 


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